Self serve no-code NFT collection launcher + custom extensions

Self-serve no-code NFT launcher


It's closed-source right now; and most probably will be closed.


Users don't know anything about smart-contracts; The only "no-code" alternative is +, which is good enough, but still requires you to suffer a lot. Even me struggles deploying like this.


It's a React dApp, closed-access.


  • deploy NFT smart-contract cheaply to rinkeby or mainnet (+ auto verify on Etherscan);

  • upload art to IPFS;

  • generate metadata;

  • guides to integrate widget into Webflow;

  • connect extensions (extension store will come here later).


  • deploy Presale list from CSV (also parse ENS domains);

  • adding small features like Opensea royalty config;

  • Extension Store – most probably developers of extensions should use web3-sdk and have buildship.json in their repo, which we gonna parse and output extension metadata on this "extensions config" page.

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