💚Community Guidelines

Community Protection Guidelines

In order to onboard 1 million creators to web3 we drastically lowered the barrier to launch NFTs with your own contract.

However, we must protect web3 community reputation & funds by avoiding rug pulls and scam NFT projects.

💔 We reserve the right to stop supporting your NFT launch if we detect that you’re planning a rug pull, even if we said “Yes” before.

⁉️ What is a rug pull?

A rug pull is a project where founders don’t deliver on the promises after raising the funds. Simply saying, they promised a lot, took a lot of money and disappeared. One of the worst signs is when Discord & Twitter are deleted right after minting.

🤝 Our safety requirements

Don’t worry about using your real name or your social media pseudonym (with links) if you’re doing something legit. We don’t launch anonymous projects with no social media links since it’s a probable rug pull. We may do exceptions when the founders plans to reveals the identity after 2-3 days after launch.

🐵 Don’t overpromise to make more money

If you want to launch a simple or even a joke PFP project without a roadmap, be upfront about it. This lets users know what they are buying and doesn’t create false expectations. Don’t try to trick-sell by promising undeliverables like treasuries, DAOs, games, fungible $TOKENS with staking, etc., if you don’t plan to genuinely deliver those. We won’t launch projects with a roadmap where you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

🐦 Never delete your Discord or Twitter after launch

Keeping a Discord or Twitter is free! Even if you didn’t sell out or want to step away from the project, don’t delete the only way for your community to communicate with each other.

There were plenty of cases when the community organized itself and resurrected the project even after founders disappeared. If you still end up deleting everything, you won’t be allowed to launch with Buildship anymore.

💸 Don’t use NFTs as an easy money-making scheme

NFT collections are the perfect ways to:

✅ make a collectible art or joke with no promises

✅ add monetizable ownership of objects to your game

✅ raise money from your community to build something, e.g. a game

✅ create an exclusive pass for members

✅ create a DAO for existing community

✅ unite people around a new character universe

Don’t use them just to make a lot of money on fake promises.

👪 Don’t do spam DMs or buy fake followers

Have a real community or at least a community-building idea! Don’t do spam DMs in Discord or buy fake Twitter followers to look like you have a community.

If we detect you doing that, you won’t be able to launch this collection with us. However, we’d be glad to hear from you when you launch your next collection with a small, but active & growing community 📈 ☀️

✉️ How to report a rug pull to Buildship?

If you detect a rug pull launched using Buildship smart-contract, you can contact us in Discord, or by email: dan@buildship.dev

🌈 How will you enforce these rules?

We believe that we don’t have enough moral or time to decide on all rug pulls reports. That’s why these rules will be enforced in a fully on-chain & decentralised way. The decision will be made by the project’s community DAO or Buildship DAO consisting of trusted community members.

Creators will still own the contract, and if no rug pull happened within the first 7 days, they can easily withdraw the funds. If the rug pull happened, the DAO can vote to allow claiming the money back from the NFT smart-contract.

More on that here 👇


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