🐶How to create an ERC721A NFT contract without code

a.k.a. How to launch your NFT community without code

You can use Buildship app to create the best ERC721 contract for your NFT community.

While costing 10x less in gas fees, Buildship will help you test & create your contract, upload your art to IPFS, manage allowlists/premints, and build a minting page, all without code.

If you're raising less than 500 ETH (currently ~800,000$), you can launch straight away. If you want to raise more, you need to apply for early access to get your Early Access NFT.


Buildship charges 5% of minting funds (no secondary royalties). If you're doing a free mint or raising less than 4 ETH, you'll be charged a 0.1 ETH one-time deployment fee.

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