🏭What is NFTFactory?

Deploy feature-rich NFT contracts 10x cheaper to Ethereum

MetaverseNFTFactory is an amazing tool by buildship.xyz that allows you to deploy your NFT contract to Ethereum 10x cheaper.

Create your NFT drop contract without code on app.buildship.xyz (using MetaverseNFTFactory)

True ownership with your own contract

You need your own contract for your NFT collection if you want:

  • independence of centralized NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible

  • support secondaries on all major NFT marketplaces: OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible

  • decentralized art storage like IPFS

  • minting on your own website

  • custom primary & secondary sales splits

  • custom features: presale lists, mint passes, on-chain art, staking, vesting, etc.

  • unique ASCII artist signature

Usually, your own contract requires coding or hiring your own developers, and costs ~0.5 ETH to deploy. Also, it might contain security issues that will lead to unrecoverable loss of funds or blocking bugs.

That's why we built our MetaverseNFT contract that already helped creators raise more than 1500ETH (~4.8M$) without any security issues.

Super-cheap deployment gas fees

Factory cuts down contract deployment cost to 0.02-0.04 ETH (~60-100$) instead of and lets you launch large NFT collections (e.g. PFP drops) with minting on your own website.

40% lower minting gas fees

We've been able to reduce minting gas fees by using ERC721 instead of ERC721Enumerable standard

Disclaimer for pros: most of the users don't need Enumerable specific methods. But for those who need methods like walletOfOwner(), you can use free Moralis API for fetching the same data

Gas-free OpenSea secondary listings

Before listing on sale on any marketplace, every user needs to pay a huge gas fee (100$+) to approve the marketplace to transfer the NFTs from the users' wallet in case of a successful sale.

With Buildship's MetaverseNFT contract, users will just list their NFTs for free on OpenSea, which might drive up your floor price & secondary sales volume.

Feature-rich with extensions

Even more, Factory architecture allows everyone to build & connect Extensions with additional functionality: batch mint, presale, mint pass, on-chain art, dutch auction, delayed claim etc.

See examples on GitHub here

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