🟥Communities We Don't Approve

buildship.xyz is very strict on quality of approved communities.

While our app is open for every community, you can raise more than 500 ETH only if you have an Early Access Pass NFT.

We don't launch communities that:

  • have no doxxed team

  • have a roadmap without guarantees and specific promises

  • founders don't buy any NFT themselves

  • that's their first project in web3


Being doxxed doesn't always help, but NOT being doxxed is a 🟥 🟥 🟥.

There are great pseudonymous creators, which is not the same as anonymous.


Our mantra is: underpromise, overdeliver.

Roadmap is when you have plans for the next five years without any clear understanding how much it takes to execute

This includes even charity projects that raise money "to help penguins or Ukraine" etc!


Usually people who want instant sell out are the ones who don't understand why users buy NFT.

If you don't own any, how can you create something that others would?

We don't sell FOMO. We sell digital goods.


Launching a first project in web3 is best indicator yet of launching a rug pull. Crypto is an amazing tool to raise a lot of money because of

People see "success stories" and want to take part, so they apply their web2 mindset and "launch an ad campaign to generate traffic to our NFT minting website".

No. ETH is for community, hackers and art.

Since last August, I have closely interacted with at least 50 launched collections. There is a luck factor, of course. But mostly success is predetermined by being a type of person who gives first before asking, and who sets goals and executes them consistently.

One last thing

Will you recommend your friend to mint it? Did you find five close friends who will?


In the end, it all comes down to:

I am not gonna sell FOMO. I am not gonna sell FOMO. I am not gonna sell FOMO. I am not gonna sell FOMO. I am not gonna sell FOMO. I am not gonna sell FOMO.

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